The Beginning of the Journey Starts….


Hi everyone. I’m Cherie M Hudson. I’m happily married to the man of my dreams, I’m a busy mum of two little girls (one nine going on sixteen, the other five going on twenty), a proud cat owner (although I suspect the cat thinks she owns me) and an insanely manic writer. I’ve written over forty books under a different pen name (of which I’m going to keep a secret for a while just to add to the mystery *grin*). Along time ago I gave up trying to suppress the stories in my head constantly trying to escape and have been blissfully happy since.

I am currently working on my first New Adult romance, a bitter sweet comedy called Unconditional about an American college student who suffers from Parkinson’s Disease and the Australian hero who sweeps her off her feet. Or is it she who sweeps him off hers? Hmmm…. It is Book One of the Always series.

Why am I writing a New Adult? Because the story slammed into my head last Friday night and won’t leave me alone. I mean, I’ve tried to ignore it and it’s just not letting me. So I’m writing it. And boy, am I enjoying the experience.

I can’t wait to share with you all an excerpt or two as I go along. But for now, this is just me. Saying hello.

Hello 🙂 Welcome to my journey.



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